Monday, September 16, 2019

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Rev. Franklin Anderson,
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Our new website is in the process of being constructed. Along with its new web address:

you'll find many new features such as a calendar of upcoming events. Let us know what features and content would best help you be part of the United Parish UCC family!

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Pastor Franklin Anderson



United Parish UCC Church in HarrisonHello! Whoever you are, wherever you are on life's journey, the United Parish of Harrison and North Bridgton, Maine extends you a warm welcome to our web site.

The kingdom of God is a party, joyful beyond what we can imagine, to which we are all invited. Jesus came that we might have joy. God's realm is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. Scripture concludes with the invitation to the party, let everyone who is thirsty come. We hope to share that party and that invitation.

Our church is the joining of two congregations which have served the North Bridgton and Harrison area for over 150 years. We are very much a community church, and a part of the United Church of Christ. Our roots are in the Congregational heritage.

This is God's world and we are God's much-loved people, so we seek to let God become real in our lives and community through worship and sacraments, hospitality and love. We are blessed by the various gifts which people bring from their faith and life experiences. We are thankful that God has gathered us in this time and place. We seek to follow the prophet Micah's call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

We are on a journey of faith and action, each of us and all of us together. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Sovereign and Savior, the one whose life, death and resurrection show us what is means to be fully human. We depend on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to sustain us and bring Christ alive in us. We are thankful for the guidance of Scripture, and for the witness of those who have gone before and walk with us now.

The kingdom of God is a party, and we are thankful, for we are hungry and thirsty.

Rev. Franklin Anderson, Pastor
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